Kitty Chronicles – Things to know before Adoption*_* Meow…

   🙂  You love kittens ? 🙂

They are So cute that they may make your head explode into candy 🙂

KITTENS They are So cute that It’ll Make You Crumble 🙂   ❤ ❤ ❤

But soon they change their form And Become cats    😛

You find soon that the kitten was more furry back there when it was cute little kitten,

And yes make sure when you adopt kitten it must not be separated from its mother until kittens ready,

So that it can develops socializing skills naturally with mother around.

This is so you can see how the kittens  interacts  with his/her siblings.

 done 1

You’ll get much better idea of the kittens’ personality.

This way you‘ll find out what kind of kitten it is… aggressive / nervous / friendly or timid when it interacts with its bother and sisters.

You can decide its personality that will work with you and you people (family).

If the kittens  parents  are  social with Human than the kittens  are also going to be friendly with humans.

REMEMBER: If kittens senses any fear from her mother when dealing with adopter than the kitten  will react  same way.

How a kitten handles from the birth is going to decide its future so make sure taming it well.

The best thing would be a kitten born in a home with a family this way it sounds like “HOME”.

They get tamed with sounds around you in  4 to 8 week  period is also good for kittens  for get used to the sounds.

You do not want to pick a kitten that is too aggressive, who hiss and hide when you approach them it’ll be hard to train them as people friendly cats as they grow.

As a kitten  in a cat family they learn modes of appropriate behaviour by interacting with mother.

Ø  A  kitten  that approaches you first is most likely the dominant one in the litter. On the plus side this is the confidant and adaptable kitten.

On the down side this one may grow in to independent and bossy one That likes to rule the ROOST or any other pets you have.

Ø  SHY  kittens  have to be raised very gently they are so sensitive; they aren’t the best with children’s or other pets around.

Ø  By 8 weeks of kittens  age of development is like 2 years of child. Each kitten  has their own traits that make them unique that stay with them for entire life. So choose kitty wisely 🙂 🙂 🙂

While some people might not be “cat people” I think it’s safe to say that everyone can at least appreciate a good kitten. What’s not to like about kittens? Especially since owning a kitten can decrease your stress level significantly – after all, people who own pets have been known to live longer. Did I mention that they’re adorable? Kittens are adorable.



Some facts:

1.    Cats love sleeping

2.    Cats typically don’t meow at other cats – they save this cute little form of communication for humans.

 3.    Cats have their own form of fingerprints – but, they’re more like nose prints.

 4.     A kitten can be more social if you’re Social with them.

 5.     Kittens have absolutely beautiful eyes!

 6.    Kittens are simplistic.

 7.    Did I mention they’re adorable? I did? Well, it deserves to be mentioned again. 

This information was taken from a book- Caring for Kittens by Elizabeth James. Thank you so much for Reading: don’t forget to press “like” .TC 🙂


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