Staying strong in the face of a storm…

When I saw you, you were full of bruises.

You had failed again and again, yet your eyes sparkled.

Your soul was on fire for what you wanted the most.

You fell like a bird full of wind under it’s wing was shot in the wings, rendered flightless.

You lived on in the dirt till you healed enough, you tried again to fly.

The world warned you against it. They said, “you had fallen so hard, don’t make the same mistake.”

Yet, you said, “I will accept failure, but I can not accept giving up!”

You tried again. You struggled. You didn’t give up.

You flew again, against the winds. You soared higher then expected.

The world stood in awe and said, “well, luck backs up the braves.”

My wish for you, my brave friend, may you fly strong and inspire others in your wake.

Staying strong in the face of storm is the attribute of a person who just doesn’t know how to give up. I wrote this poem (if you can call it a poem!!) just like that because the painting below inspired me to write about it. It has been quite long since I felt the spark to blog again. In the wake of past few months, I learnt a lot of things, what I learnt most is, you must work when you don’t want to work, when you have no reason to keep going on, just so, you can give yourself a reason. 

Looking forward to be sharing and caring with the wonderful community of WordPress.

portrait of the heart

[I do not own the painting and I don’t know the artist either. If you know, kindly inform me.]


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