Hey everyone…. It’s been such a long time!! I missed you people!! Sorry I haven’t been blogging, there could be a million excuses for it but truth be told, I was trying to “buy” the blog and make it officially mine, as I have fallen in love with the thrills and chills of blogging my photographs! It is because of you all that I am here today, Thank you very much for being a part of my journey!! 🙂

So today I am going to talk about one of my favorite bird of night!!Owls!! For a moment there I can picture Hedwig (yes! Harry Potter’s pet bird!) flying across the room bringing me my letter of enrollment to Hogwarts!!! Oh still not happening!!

Jungle Owlet or Barred Jungle Owlets (Glaucidium radiatum) are found mainly in parts of India and Sri Lanka.

They are inhabitants of scrubs, forests, woody parts of the villages etc. They can be easily found in morning or evening hours as they are very loud in those hours!! They are known for flying around during day time too! Now I finally know the name of the owl I used to spy for during the days of my school!


I found these ones near a village, in the woods! It was so exciting!! My tutor said these birds freeze even when they suspect they are being seen! Now I understand why they appeared like dead tree stumps whenever I spied on them during school!!

They live inside tree stumps, mostly at the height of 3-4 meters and can be found resting on wires or high trees during the morning hours, soaking up some sun!! They feed mainly on insects, small birds, reptiles, rodents etc. They breed from the month of March to May and mainly have around 3-4 offspring! I would love to see some baby owls of these small species!

Original description by Tickell, Samuel Richard, 1833. The Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal (J. Asiat. Soc. Bengal) 2: p 572.



PS: If you are still waiting for one of the owls to bring you your Hogwarts enrollment letter, be nice to owls! Use dim lights or why not just sleep? Win win! 😉



  1. I miss you too friend. I am glad to see you again. By the way I admired the jungle Owl and their populations, fantastic you can catch his pict. Warm welcome wishes for you. 🙂

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