Purple Swamphen



Purple Swamphen

Scientific Name: Porhyrio porphyrio

A vivid Bluish-purple body makes it different from others and recognisable from far distance .


Habitat: Freshwater and brackish wetlands, from marshes and lakes to ricefields
Birdwatch note: Uncommon resident. Very large, heavy bodied with purplish blue plumage, huge red legs and triangular red bill.

appearance  are similar , males are larger with bigger head shields.

Voice: High pitched, rasping screeches “kee-oww” and softer cooings “chuck-chuck


The Purple Swamp Hen is sedentary and lives in territorial groups. It breeds from July to February in the southern parts of its range and any time after rain in northern Australia. A bowl shaped nest in a large platform is made in the rushes and is made of rushes and water grasses and reeds. The nests are shared by all females of the group. Three to eight eggs can be laid. Incubation is 23 to 29 days and is shared by a group. Subordinate adults lead and teach new chicks to forage.


3 responses to “Purple Swamphen

  1. so cute hens! I wish I could see them walking in front of me like this! great pictures! where did you take the pictures?

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