1’st Blog Anniversary “merry christmas”

Hii friends 🙂 This post is a special post written just for you all….

A Merry Christmas to all of you 🙂  Image


Almost a year from today, I began Parth Fotopedia, without the slightest idea about blogs and blogging! A year & 64 posts later, as I celebrate the first anniversary of my blog, I want to thank you all, with all my heart, Thank You dear blogger friends, I could not have done it alone! It’s beacuase of your constant support and encouragment that I’ve gotten this far!


It has been an unexpected journey! I have had lots of ups and downs and I am happy to say, I sort of love what I am becoming, even if my future as a photographer is not certain, I am just so happy that I get to spend time with nature rather then TV! Chasing birds & butterflies, animals and even bugs! What more could I ask for? It’s just incredible to live like this!

I still remember how my sister used to nudge me every single day, “Start a blog of your photographs pup! Put yourself out there! Do it! Tell your thoughts, not to push it on someone, but to find like minded people, so you don’t feel alone!!”

Heehee, she was right!

And Believe it friends, I love you all amazing people! Thanks so much for your constant support and love! Even on the cloudy days, your words have cheered me on to not give up! Can’t thank enough for making my journey a beautiful experience. I hope to keep seeing you all..

As we all welcome 2014, I wish you all heartiest success and lots of fun. ^.^

Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy holidays. 🙂
May God bless us all.

Lot of love

Parth 🙂



11 responses to “1’st Blog Anniversary “merry christmas”

  1. yes, congratulations on your blog Parth, it is worthwhile to do your beautiful posts sharing your love of the Earth and her creatures! Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2014 😀

  2. Congratulations on your first year anniversary of your blog. And I will continue to visit and see your beautiful photos this year and hopefully for many more to come !
    Have a nice week Parth 🙂

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