Birds !!! do not Extinct please * we ❤ you



I don’t remember the first bird I saw, but I can bet that since I was child, there had never been a day when I didn’t hear or see a bird!

raj hans - 1

Every year so many birds that we wait to see in different season or the birds that live around our houses since we were kids, are falling prey to the category of “up listed” birds! Up-listing! I wish it would have meant increase in their numbers!

flemingos 1

Birds are categorized as-> LC(Least concern)->NT(Not threatened)-> VU(Vulnerable)->EN(Endangered)->CR(critically endangered)->EW(Extinct in wild->EX(Extinct).  Currently 15 Indian birds are under the endangered list! Internationally, 200 species of birds are in critical danger! Critically endangered; is the final category which only lead to extinction if care is not taken! If not now, it will be too late tomorrow!

20x 25 crp



BNHS is a major organization that does the research and information work related to animals/birds in India.

Spotted Dove 1

Main reason why birds are becoming extinct? Decrease of their nesting space. Let’s face it, in the name of development, how much of land area do we humans use every year? We leave nothing out! The forests, grasslands, even wetlands! Why do we require two to three houses in our names while these birds don’t have even one? There must be another way of investment!

0000 1

So many of the city birds have also decreased in numbers! They are forced to make nests in the balconies and rooftops or houses. Where they lay their eggs, but are too afraid to give warmth to their egg when humans are ‘lurking’ around to take pictures! Nature isn’t takings sides here either! So many times two or three eggs hatch but only one or two survive! It takes a great spin of luck for all the hatchlings to survive! So many kids can’t wait to touch and feel the eggs and the hatchlings! But that act takes away their own distinct smell and in turn their parents abandon them at times!

DSC_6909 - 1


DSC_5423 - 1




Please be kind to the birds around your houses! Yes they might pee or poo on your house, but if that is dirty, then at that time, try to remember the smile the little bird lingering in the window gave to your crying little baby, when it was just born. Or that time when your father walked you through the gardens, introducing you to different birds and feeding the ducks on the way home. If you can, please try to preserve that smile! Birds don’t need us, we need them!

White American Pelican 1-0




DSC_5386 - 1`11

Here are few things you can do to help the birds:

1. Keep water in old vessels, the bigger the better! You will get to see the birds take bath and enjoy their blessings!

If you plan on building one, here’s one idea for the birdbath

2. Build different bird feeders! Yep! You can do it yourself or with your kids! Enjoy family time as you do your bit for another family!

3.Teach your children how the hatchlings should be treated! Be kind 🙂

Even if I have inspired one person to build a bird feeder or a bird bath from old things that are lying around in their house, I will have fulfilled my purpose for writing this post. 🙂

If you want to tell more ways of taking care of these natural smile bombs! Comment away!! 🙂

Thank you


12 responses to “Birds !!! do not Extinct please * we ❤ you

  1. oh Parth, thank you for this wonderful post, your photos are inspiring, and your message essential, we must all care for wildlife everywhere, and children everywhere … how can we help improve things in India?

    • Glad to see you mate!
      I think we can start with keeping water in buckets for cows but no food! I guess our food isn’t good for their guts+ we need not throw plastic bags where cows feed! They die if they eat it 😦
      umm.. for birds, we can keep grains in whichever place appropriate and water (like I have given the link ideas!) it’s creative and fun, don’t you think?

  2. It’s alarming to me that birds are becoming extinct, but totally made sense as soon as I read “decrease of their nesting place”. My God, of course, yes, that’s it.

    Your passion for birds is clear. Damn, wish the human race would WAKE UP!

  3. Parth, what a wonderful post and wonderful photos you have taken of these birds. They are all very beautiful but the last photo is breathtaking. I hope many many people read your post as it is a very important one. Sadly, I’m not sure development will slow down. But we see that some efforts are made to preserve natural habitat. Where I live, when they build a highway and destroy wetlands, they create a new one to replace it, I think it’s a good alternative, maybe not as good as the natural one but it’s better than nothing.
    I have been observing birds for the past 21 years, I have 4 feeders and a bath. I also feed the deer in winter.
    Thanks for this post Parth 🙂

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