……………  I heared that 1 child dies every 3 second   …………


We all have an idea of what poverty is, but too many it’s just a topic that is put off that is not strongly talked about. According to UNICEF they have defined Child Poverty as “environment that is damaging to their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development.” They touch on the facts. Kids who don’t start off with a nutritious meal or partake in hazardous work already affect a child’s state of mind.


“Living in an environment that provides little stimulation or emotional support to children, on the other hand can remove many of the positive effects of growing up in a materially rich household.” Children are supposed to shape the future.

Gap between poor and rich is a big issue in India. It has been in the list of main agenda of most of the big political parties in country and even now it is listed in the agenda but unfortunately there are not much progress in this regard although government and some NGO are actively taking part on activities, which are really very good to push the poor people status forward.

DSC_2076Government has done so many attempts for resolving this Gap all the plans some of them was the part of Five year plans and excellent concepts from the highly educated personalities but because of corruption it was not implemented in a way it could be, as a result it is taking so much time if everything would have done properly it could not be worst then today.


Economic inequality: As they cannot afford the higher education people in this class are depend on their physical strength to earn and usually Labour class people works on factory or some other organization. There earnings and there purchasing power is extremely low and they are victim of the inflation in true sense. Lack of education and awareness about the things make them sick because they truly avoid the heath aspects of life or may be because they cannot afford the good stuffs and quality foods.


Today situation is different and today the question is if government initiatives are great and helpful for poor’s then why are we not able to solve this problem from so long? If government is giving free education with the food then why the literacy rates in this segment is not measurable, if there are initiatives for free vaccination then why people are dying in big numbers.

In my view only one will answer all these question and it is “Lack of awareness and Motivation”


I still feel India should improve its human capital we are still lagging in this area, A human which can generate the capital in measurable quantity is known as Human Capital. The countries where most of the people are educated are known as knowledge based country Ireland is known as knowledge based country because they are expert in using their education to improve the economy. We should learn lesson from them.


Improvement in Human capital and programs to make poor aware about the facility that government is offering to them so that they come forward and get the benefit of it could be a good heads up. Programs from government side should be organized to motivate the poor people. There are no gap between poor and rich in actual sense, we have to make them believe and we have to take our poor brothers with us.  Gajendra Choudhary




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  1. My God, Parth, this is an excellent – excellent article. Thank you for showing as much to the world. When you defined poverty – that really made it clear just what the cost is. It is so devastating some people are living this. I’m full right now – probably ate too much, actually.

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