Indian Runner Ducks *


Indian Runner Ducks are incredibly prolific egg layers. If you want eggs, you will really be glad you chose Indian Runners. However, they rarely set their eggs and even when they do they may not have enough maternal ability to raise their ducklings successfully.





The Indian Runner, like most breeds of domestic duck, is a development of the wild mallard. Its evolution was probably determined more by human influence than natural selection over the hundreds of years they have been in the islands of Indonesia.





Pet Indian Runner Ducks may be obtained for as little as $5 to $6 from breeders who wish to reduce their stocks. Show quality ducks cost around $50.




Indian Runners produce large quantities of eggs. The ducks themselves have enough flesh on them to feed two people and their meat is less fatty than other duck breeds.



* Note: As one comment suggest, these birds are not Indian Runner Ducks, I am on a mission to find out which breed are they, till then please bear with me. Thank you 🙂


12 responses to “Indian Runner Ducks *

  1. hey I think I can somehow here their voices : quack quack quack..^ ^

    Those are very beautiful clicks,Parth, as always 🙂 !I love the first one quite well, it feels like she/he was looking straight at your camera hey!

  2. Those ducks are like seems to be creating photography. Very very beautiful photo’s, I like it.

  3. The ducks featured here are not Indian Runner Ducks (although the accompanying information is correct for Runners). I’m not sure what breed these are (or species, as these may not even be domestic ducks). Indian Runner Ducks are known for their upright stance, resembling a wine bottle. These have more of a classic horizontal duck conformation. If someone happens by that knows what the pictured ducks are, please post their name here. Great photos, though. And these are beautiful ducks.

    • Dear Denis,

      Thank you for pointing out the fact that these are not Indian Runner Ducks!! Since I read your comment, I have been going mad searching internet for this breed but they are simply not there! I will now have to search in the books for them.

      Again, thanks 🙂 Have a great time ahead..

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