Camouflage in NATURE

respect mother nature

I love action packed games like call of duty , battlefield etc.… I recently came across a game where there was a lot of camouflage with action and boy did it run my blood with excitement! In real military forces uses camouflages in every possible way, in air, on earth and even in the water!! Where do they get the techniques from anyway??


After playing that game I was going through my large directory of photographs that I have never put on the blog and I found that some animal show best camouflage in nature!! I wonder where our human race would have gotten all the knowledge if it wasn’t for Mother Nature.

So, what exactly is camouflage?? It is a natural ability, to adapt to the nature around oneself and hide in such a way that the predator would have minimum chances of noticing the animal!! Amazing! Also some animals don’t hide at all, but they take some natural form that gives a signal of danger to the predator and in turn saves the prey! It can be called disguise.


Nature provided animal with very powerful defense when it bestowed animal with camouflage! I mean if you look closely at nature and the real natural habitats of the animal, you will find out that in past and even now animal are blessed by this amazing technique that help not only their survival but also their chances of reproduction. But of course every species has had its battle of survival as per Darwin’s survival guides. Animal have been evolving their techniques of adaptations to find food in the wilderness and also keeping themselves from becoming food.


Camouflage is of many different types; some birds know very well how to camouflage with their surrounding and be saved from even my camera!! Gets annoying at times but it’s so so interesting, just can’t get enough of it!! Butterflies around you on the leaves or trees or even the rocks and soil, they would be hiding so easily waiting for the right moment to fly away!! Have you ever seen a frog in monsoon time?? Even when they are in your garden, it is so difficult to find them without having a closer look (except if they are making sounds or jumping around!!)… Even house flies come into home and sit on absolutely mainly those surfaces where it wouldn’t be disturbed much!!  Well all that implies is, nature gets more fun and fantastic as you start paying attention and loving it…



Well, this is it.. Tell me how you liked this blog post?? *I appreciate honest comments and I can take criticism*




See you guys….

PS: I hope to get more camouflage pictures… This is just scratching the surface of abundance of natural treasure!!

{(^_^)} Respect Nature 😀

10 responses to “Camouflage in NATURE

  1. I love your thought,Parth ^ – ^ and your photos as well! Yup, mother nature is just amazing , there are so many secrets , so many things that we haven’t known yet !

  2. What stunning, stunning fuschia colour on that bug in the first picture. Wonderful photos, Parth. Nature is just beautiful.

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