That Cat…. I would call her kitty. (^_^)


In January we went to a place named Dudhni. It is a cool little place surrounded by natural beauty. There is one beautiful lake surrounding a small island with hills. It not only look beautiful, but few years ago that place used to have no mobile network, so when you are there you can just hire a boat, lay back and  admire the natural beauty with calm mind (take a few clicks here and there ;)). Oh old times!! Sadly, we had to return early because there were so many tourists there that day it felt like we should return during monsoon, so we would!


On our way back someone made us stop!! Yes, this kitten!! Isn’t she just CUTE? She was so small and fragile that I feared she would disappear into nothingness if I left her there, alone! We fed her some of the leftover snacks and she gobbled it like a hungry kid. For some time she played with us, gave poses, she bloody loved the camera!! She kept coming towards the camera all the time!



After sometime another cat appeared big one… Seemed to be her mother! They both started to play and soon the kitten forgot about us and started to walk away with the big cat!! Hmm weird sometimes how small creatures can capture our hearts and stay there forever. We stayed there amazed by what had just happened. We were like kids ourselves. It was beautiful and I will never forget that day!



I hope the next time I go there; I would see her again and capture some more pictures of her to show my friends just how beautiful she is…



23 responses to “KITTY PIE

  1. I really love this serie of wonderful photos,esp the 3rd one, Path , amazing you ^ – ^ !

    she looks kind of thin and fragile eh – with a “special” ear and those sad eyes ? ^ – ^ hope she and her family (the big cat??) will have a happy and good life then! Truly want to see more of her future photos from you,Path!

  2. Very very lovely cute little cat. She look very hungry, I hope she survives and will have a happy with their parents. I want to see her more future photos. Lovely photo’s Parth.

  3. Such a gorgeous, gorgeous young, tender, wee life. Great photos, Parth. I want to bundle up this baby & take her home 🙂

    • Haha yeah , she is young gorgeous & lovely one , i also wanted to bundle her up but she loved her birthplace so i let her be in peace . 😀

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