Nilgai, also known as Blue Bull, is one of the most commonly found wild animals of northern India as well as eastern Pakistan. Even though it is an antelope, it looks quite similar in appearance to an ox. Therefore, it has been given the name of Blue bull of India. The average lifespan of the Neelgai is 21 years.


  • Blue bulls generally come to the same place to deposit their droppings.
  • Blue bull can survive for a long period of time without water.
  • Nilgai was introduced in Texas in 1920’s.
  • In India, it is believed that the Nilgai antelope is a sacred animal (precisely a cow) and it is protected against hunting.


Natural Habitat
Nilgai is a diurnal creature, found inhabiting Indian grasslands and woodlands. It avoids dense forest and has preference for plains and low hills with shrubs. Blue bulls are found in the northern plains of India, stretching on from the base of the Himalayas in the north, to the state of Karnataka in the South. Their range also covers the area from the Gir forest, all along the entire eastern length of Pakistan, across the border of Rajasthan in the West to the states of Assam and West Bengal in the East.


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  1. Excellent shots, Parth – really good. Such a curious look on its face. Interesting animal…

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