liebster-blog-award The moment I read the word LIEBSTER, I was struck with lightning… What is this word? So, I decided I will post about it when I find out the meaning of the word and the origin of the Award! Liebster originally is a German word; which means “Beloved”… OH my God! Thank you so much  yinyin2412 for honoring me this award. Alas! I still don’t have the origin of this award but I did find some information about it from This is my 3rd award so far… I can’t express in word how happy to be a part of WordPress community, not only does it inspire me to be more active but it’s also a teaching platform to me. yinyin2412 whenever I can manage to come visiting your country can you share that warm tea in your garden with me? Would really love to meet my lovely wordpress friends sometime… ^. ^ Okay now,

 ~ The Rules of The Award ~

  1. Post eleven fact about yourself
  2. Answer the question the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you have nominated.
  3. Choose 11 people (with less than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post.
  4. Go to their page and tell them.
  5. Remember no tag backs.

A  ~ Eleven Random Facts About Parth ^.^ ~

  1. I really love this smiley à ^.^
  1. I am very active but shy and laid back person.
  2. I love watching animated cartoons and anime in my free time.
  3. My favorite musician is A.R.Rehman.
  4. I own a Cutie named “COCO”, I adore her.
  5. I love bikes (like all guys out there! Haha), I recently got a Bajaj Avenger and I love it. ❤
  6. Love to wake up in the morning and get a glimpse of the waking up city on my bike on my way to the beach for a long stroll.
  7. I cut my four fingers while cleaning up my 1st bike. Fortunately three of them got joined but I lost my tiny finger (read pinky).
  8. I loved photography since childhood.
  9. I am not much into reading but this blog has gotten me haywire writing and reading a lot of things then I could imagine! Hehe I’m lazybug 😀
  10. Nature is the way of living for me, It’s fascinating to climb hills and trees and watch birds and animals enjoy themselves in the lap of mother earth.

B ~Answers to my dear Tagger yinyin2412~

  1. Do you have any pet?

–        Yes. A dog. Alex ^^ 2. If you could change two parts of your body, what would you chose? –        Honestly? NONE. I love My body. 3. What’s your PC/Laptop/Pad’s wallpaper right now? –        A butterfly picture I took today. 4. What is your favorite (or used to be favorite) toy? –        A dog, MR. Ooky (Pronounced as OU-KY). J 5. Umbrella or Raincoat? –        None. Rain ❤ 6. If time was stopped, nothing or no one could move- EXCEPT you, what would you do? –        Capture lots of pictures without a second thought of why it happened! LOL… Nah. I d dance like crazy first singing…. The world has stopped, The world has stopped… I ll snap it I ll snap it….  ROTFL!! 7. Do you believe in love at first sight? –        I have no IDEA!! Still waiting to meet my kinda girl… ❤ 8. Do you have special interest in collecting something? –        I love collecting coins of different countries and different prints. (Any chance you will send one of yours? 9. If you could chose the way you’d die, what would it be? –        Taking pictures of smiling kids. J Sweet Innocent little kids… 10. Your biggest fear? –        Right now? Scratching my new bike! :p 11. If you could have special power (like those in X Men for example), what would you chose? –        Combination of Wolverine and Shadow Cat! ;D

C ~ 11 QUESTIONS! For My Nominees ~

  1. What would you rather be doing right now than answering this?
  2. Which was your most memorable moment today?
  3. Name your 2 favorite foods… (Don’t say noodles and junk food!)
  4. What’s better Books/Movies?
  5. If you had to Say Three words for the WORLD.. (Not the People.. just our Mighty Earth.), What would they be?
  6. Name of your first imaginary friend? (If you never had one then) Name of your first pet?
  7. If you were in Harry Potter, What would your patronous would be like?
  8. Have you ever done anything that made you feel like “heart thumping alive”? Share it in max 10 words.
  9. Do you fear God or have faith in God?
  10. Do you have any hobby/hobbies; you loved but gave up due to some reasons?
  11.  Your favorite color?

D ~ Nominated Blogs ~

Just the way YinYIn said… making choices out of so many blogger friends and nominating just few of them for the award is hard! These kinds of choices aren’t easy for anyone!! And also some bloggers don’t have the number of followers showing! That made choosing lot harder! These are the few blogs that I really love visiting and those are….


2.renxkyoko’s space

3.P H O T O R U N





8.CIGUDEG pleis bilong tu mi

9.Live Blissful


11.elizabeth melton parsons


Lastly, I want to thank everyone for keeping my blog living and breathing with your love and encouragement.   *Bloggers Group Hugz*  😀

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