Yellow Wagtail


Yellow wagtails have much shorter tails than the other two species of breeding wagtail in the UK. Yellow wagtails like damp marshes, meadows and riverbanks and spend much of their time walking and running about on the ground chasing insects disturbed by the feet of domestic animals. They nest on the ground or in long grass, using plants, grasses and stems to build a cup-shape which they line with fur. They can have up to two broods, each with five or six eggs. A summer visitor, they arrive from their African wintering grounds from March onwards.

How to identify >>>>>


Yellow wagtails are olivey-green above and yellow below with a yellow face and a black and white tail. Males are brighter than females. The similar grey wagtail also has a yellow belly but has a grey back and black wings, a longer tail and is a bird of riverbanks rather than wet meadows.

Where to find it >>>>>

Widespread in the lowlands.




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  1. What a photographs of a new bird, I seeing it first time who’s name is wagtail. I also not known about the said bird. Thanks.

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