~~CrowS~~ !!!…Our Ancestors…!!!


**According Hinduism**

It is true that Crows are referred our ancestors. The other birds too have a good place like carrier to Gods like Garuda, owl, swan etc.,In fact, other birds importance is more than crow actually. it is a belief that the ancestors are coming in the form of crow in Hinduism. Crows shown for unity. Crows never take food alone but call other crows to take part in taking food. In fact, Crows are among the most intelligent birds in the world. The crows are misunderstood for centuries and this episode shade lights on their intelligent. Please notice several points in the episodes about the Crows ability to make tools and use it; raise their children in systematic manners; live in social environment and mourn the death of their loved ones like humans.I wonder if our forefathers study the behaviors of Crows? Why did they choose Crows and no other bird? According to the ancient Hindu beliefs the Crows are the linkage between the dead and living humans. Few days ago were the days of “SHRADH”; an offering of food to the Crows so they can take it to our dead relatives. Believe it or not, Crows normally do not visit our yard but we have seen them come and eat our food during “Shradh”. There are many examples that if crows give sound, it is symbolizing that a guest will come.

Animals and Birds occupy an important place in Hinduism. They are frequently mentioned in Hindu myths and legends and enjoy a place of their own in Hindu pantheon as vehicles of many gods and goddesses, as divinities and also as incarnations or aspects of Vishnu or Siva. They embellish and beautify Hindu decorative art and temple architecture, adorning the outer walls and towers of temples as objects of beauty or being installed inside as objects of veneration. Kag Puja, also known as Kag Parva, or worship of crows is the first day of Diwali or Tihar festival in Nepal. This day is dedicated to worship crows.   


❤  Couple Ancestors  ❤


6 responses to “~~CrowS~~ !!!…Our Ancestors…!!!

  1. I really like this post – great pictures. Crows are amazing birds. We have so many of them here. They all seem to meet every night at the same time – hundreds of them. It sounds like they are getting together to have a beer. : )

  2. I love this Parth, thanks. I had no idea about any of it – especially the intelligence of crows. My grandmother (RIP) used to feed crows and cats in her back yard. I remember them cawing – loud and piercing.

    Like the second picture – didn’t know they were crows.

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