Can a person believe in two religions?

Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.
~Albert Einstein~

inherited will of undead Zombie

When I saw This Squirrel And This pigeon Together ;

Something Happened in my Mind I thought Why Can’t People Live Together Like This ?

And Even If Cant live together But Can Think Good About Others ; This Days No One Think About Each Other , Why ??? Does IT Take Money From YOU ?????


Is Every One busy in their Blazing Fast Life ?

Or just co’z others are not “taller” Or ” “White” ?

Of I Have Read SOME WHERE That “WAR” IS the Key To Bring Peace Or keep peace.

What Happen When One Solider Puts Bullet in other soldier ….

All I want To Say IS THEY go Through Tough And Hard Training To Kill Others?

Yes I Know !! I’m Not sentimental But I’m Just Telling That Why Cant We let Others Live In Peace. ~

~~~~!!”Why Fight For Property When Peace Is Free Of COST”!!~~~~

We can bomb the world to pieces,
but we can’t bomb it into peace.
-Michael Franti.

8 responses to “~~…..Origins……~~

  1. Excellent, Parth. Passionately said, and a jolting reminder. ‘why’ is indeed the question.

    I like that your whole blog is themed to live and let live. Cheers to you.

  2. ^ – ^ I think it’s all by choices,Parth!

    To run away or to face, to star a war or to keep the peace, to buid walls bwt each other or send out a hug, to speak out or to ignore,to fight or just let go… We all have different choices, and then we will take different prices for that !

    p/s : your choice as well as this post of your is great ^ – ^ to me !

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