This Cruel World.

Just Why Why?!!!

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

The world is a cruel place, but it is not without its good. I mean, for how evil this world is, there are so many people who doesn’t sit by and not do anything about it. There are countless of people who are trying to help the less fortunate, who are trying to right the wrongs, and if anything…continued hoping for a better tomorrow. In a world full of darkness, it is still important to remember there are countless lights of good people with good hearts that still can be found and with it, hope for a this world to improve and be better. And as you’re reading these world, be one of the lights in this vast darkness. Be one of the good in this cruel world.



9 responses to “This Cruel World.

  1. Wonderful message.. your blog brings about the good in people. Keep it up dear. Love your pictures and thoughts.

  2. This is correct, there is countless light of the good people, but I like you feel terribly stuck on why – just WHY under a shining sun, the fresh breath of the ocean, amongst trees in a city park, WHY ARE PEOPLE CRUEL AND DAMAGING. But why.

  3. I agree with your statement in part, there is darkness in the world and it does seem at times to be overwhelming, but even in the darkness we need to find the light. We need to compliment and commend the ones who we perceive as being bad for their good works. By all means we need to voice our objections to bad ideas or roads we don’t believe should be traveled down. Bad things that occur naturally are meant to be, are acts of God if you choose to call them that. With these we just need to find the message within the perceived bad and find the good that came out of it. With a disaster we find people giving a helping hand to their neighbors, but even in this if we don’t like the people, acknowledge the good that they’ve done by extending a hand or a word of thanks. By promoting the good deeds and encouraging good deeds let us be the beacon of light that shines ever so bright not for self gratification or reward. These mean nothing if they’re not given openly and without a true act of love. To come to an end, I love your posts, your photography, and yes, your words. Inspiring, you are one of the lights that shine. Keep up the great work, ever waiting for more, Michael 🙂

    • Wow Nicely explored message Michael 🙂

      It gave me an answer I was searching for since few days… Thanks ..

      As usual WOnderful words and photos Parth ^^

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