American White Pelican

White American Pelican 1

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Birds – creatures who have always inspired our awe and wonder. We wonder and admire their ability to soar high and reach the sky. Most of us have cherished the desire to fly like them.

I’ts little Hard to Find This Bird Even If It’s Huge 😀 And Its More Difficult to Go near .


The American White Pelican rivals the Trumpeter Swan as the longest bird native to North America.

it has an overall length is about 50–70 in (130–180 cm), courtesy of the huge beak which measures 11.3–15.2 in (290–390 mm) in males and 10.3–14.2 in (260–360 mm) in females. It has a wingspan of about 95–120 in (240–300 cm). The species also has the second largest average wingspan of any North American bird, after the California Condor. Body weight can range between 9.2 and 30 lb (4.2 and 14 kg),

The plumage is almost entirely bright white, except the black primary and secondary remiges, which are hardly visible except in flight. From early spring until after breeding has finished in mid-late summer, the breast feathers have a yellowish hue. After moulting into the eclipse plumage, the upper head often has a grey hue, as blackish feathers grow between the small wispy white crest.

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