Connected Forever…

Connected Forever…

Window ON a World That calls you And SHine;

LIke You’r Hero BEhind The Scene;

Have Moment Of Glory You Highlight;


BUT A wonderland * You Don’t Think That Any Thin Can Stop.

Just A human Figure

Condition Sucsess of sOUL Unlished :

Produced Chain
The Front OF Stage Adored By All;
Dreams THAt You SAy “Seem on TV”
Whatever YOu Are WE LOVE You!

Ofcourse You Have Right to Live your Passions.
But You MUSt ASk Right Questions;
This DAmn Supernatural World Do Not Seem A BIT ARTIFICIAL  😛
WHEN you See People Smile All The TIme;
DO you think THEY ARe always HAppy~!

So FAR FAR AS The ILLuSIONARY HAppyness Arranges BY Fella COmrades YOU do NOT see****

& YOU CRY CRY CRY!!!~~~~

BY: Parth

DSC_1209(1)                                           4


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