*IF wE have No Peace , It is because We hAve forgotten

That We Belong to Each othEr*


DSC_5634(1) DSC_5641(1)

  • Peahens are smaller at around 95 cm (38 inches) in length and weigh 2.75–4 kg (6-8.8 lbs) .
  • The adult peahen has a rufous-bron head with a crest as in the male but the tips are chestnut edged with green. The upper body is brownish with pale mottling. The primaries, secondaries and tail are dark brown. The lower neck is metallic green and the breast feathers are dark brown glossed with green. The remaining underparts are whitish.
  •  Population studies are made at these sites. The population structure is not well understood. In a study in northern India (Jodhpur), the number of males was 170-210 for 100 females but a study involving evening counts at the roost site in southern India (Injar) suggested a ratio of 47 males for 100 females.

4 responses to “Peahens*…

  1. J’aime beaucoup les paons, ils me rappellent mon enfance.
    Il y en avait dans le jardin public prés de ma maison et, le soir, j’entendais leurs cris.

    • J’aime des paons aussi, ce sont également sous tension derrière ma maison Elles sont si belles, c’est vraiment difficile de les capturer, ils courent trop. : D

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